GRE词汇 | Day3: 每天5个GRE词汇


depreciate 英 [dɪˈpriːʃieɪt]  美 [dɪˈpriːʃieɪt] vt. 使贬值;贬低;轻视 vi. 贬值;轻视;贬低

: de(down)+preci(price: value)+ate(v后缀) -> down the value -> 贬值
考点1: vt.贬低价值: to lower the price or estimated value of
e.g. New cars start to depreciate as soon as they are on the road 新车一上路便开始贬值。
: cheapen, depress, devalue, downgrade, mark down
: appreciate, enhance, upgrade, mark up 提价,升值
考点2: vt.轻视: to lower in estimation or esteem
e.g. dared to depreciate Shakespeare, saying his works have no relevance for modern audiences 胆敢贬低莎大人,说他的作品对于现代观众来说没有意义
: denigrate, disparage, play down, talk down
: acclaim, exalt, extol, glorify, magnify 赞扬
sunder 英 [ˈsʌndə(r)]  美 [ˈsʌndər] vt. 切开;切断 vi. 分离;断开
: sun(PIE root: sen- apart)+der -> 分开
考点: vt.分裂,分离: to break apart or in two
e.g. a city sundered by racial conflict 一个因种族冲突而分裂的城市
: disassociate, disconnect, disjoin, disunite, divide, part, rend, rive, separate, sever, unyoke
: bond, connect, join, link, unify, unite, yoke连接,结合
: asunder adv.分开地,分裂地
amicable 英 [ˈæmɪkəbl]  美 [ˈæmɪkəbl]  adj. 友好的;友善的
: am(love  注意: amic为其同根名词表示friend)+able(adj后缀 able to be) -> able to be friend -> 友善的
考点: adj.友善的: characterized by friendly goodwill; amiable
e.g. maintain amicable relations 保持友好关系;an amicable divorce 和平离婚
: friendly, affable, amicable, genial, easy to get along with
: antagonistic, hostile, unfriendly 有敌意的
credence 英 [ˈkriːdns]  美 [ˈkriːdns] n. 信任;凭证;祭器台
: cred(to believe)+ence(n后缀) -> 坚信
考点: n.坚信: firm belief in the integrity, ability, effectiveness, or genuineness of someone or something
e.g. give credence to gossip 相信绯闻
: belief, credit, faith, trust, reliance
: doubt, skepticism 怀疑
fringe  英 [frɪndʒ]  美 [frɪndʒ] n. 边缘;穗;刘海 adj. 边缘的;附加的 vt. 加穗于
考点1: n.边缘: something that resembles such a border or edging
e.g. “Don’t act on the fringes of the law,” warns the customs officer海关人员警告说: “不要打法律的擦边球”
: border, boundary, circumference, edge, margin, perimeter, periphery, skirt
: center, core 中心,核心
考点2: v.接壤: to be adjacent to
: abut, border, neighbor, skirt, verge
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