GRE词汇 | Day2: 每天5个GRE词汇

diffident 英 [ˈdɪfɪdənt]  美 [ˈdɪfɪdənt] adj. 羞怯的;缺乏自信的;谦虚谨慎的
: dis(away)+fid(trust)+ent(adj后缀) -> not trusting (oneself) 不信任自己 -> 缺乏信心的.
考点1: adj.不自信的: hesitant in acting or speaking through lack of self-confidence
e.g. He is diffident to express his opinions in public 他在公共场合表达自己的观点时有点害羞
: unassured, bashful, retiring, self-effacing, withdrawn
: confident, assured, self-assured, self-confident 自信的
考点2: adj.内向的: reserved in manner; unassertive
e.g. She was diffident about stating her opinion她很内向,表达自己的观点的时候有点害羞。
: introverted
: extroverted, outgoing 外向的
repel 英 [rɪˈpel]  美 [rɪˈpel] vt. 击退;抵制;使厌恶;使不愉快
: re(back)+pel(drive, push) -> drive or push back 击退; 逐回
考点1: vt.抵制: to fight against; resist
e.g. Self-discipline ensures that you can repel the things that induce you.自律可以保证你抵制那些诱惑你的 事物。I repelled the temptation to stay out late and call in sick the next day. 我抵住了 晚上玩通宵然后第二天谎称生病的诱惑。
: buck, defy, fight, oppose, resist, withstand
: capitulate, submit, succumb, surrender, yield, give in 屈服
考点2: vt.使厌恶: to cause aversion in: disgust
e.g. Evil odors always repel me.臭味总、是让我恶心、。
: disgust, nauseate, repulse, revolt, sicken
: allure, attract, bewitch, captivate, charm, enchant, entice, fascinate, lure, seduce, tempt 吸引,诱惑
派: repelling adj. 令人厌恶的
forebode [fɔː’bəʊd] v. 预示;预感;预兆
: fore(beforehand)+bode(anounce) -> anounce beforehand 预示; 预感
考点: vi.预示,预兆: to show signs of a favorable or successful outcome
e.g. That police car parked outside the house doesn’t forebode well.门外停着的那辆警车可不是什么好兆头。
: augur, predict, promise
: foreboding n.预感,预兆
turgid 英 [ˈtɜːdʒɪd]  美 [ˈtɜːrdʒɪd] adj. 肿胀的;浮夸的;浮肿的
: turg(swollen, inflation)+id -> 肿胀的
考点: adj.浮夸的,过分装饰的: excessively embellished in style or language
e.g. turgid prose 浮华的散文
: flatulent, bombastic, pompous
: simple, austere, unadorned, undecorated, unembellished 简朴的
disconcert 英 [ˌdɪskənˈsɜːt]  美 [ˌdɪskənˈsɜːrt] vt. 使仓皇失措;使困惑;破坏
: dis(do the opposite of)+con(with)+cert(contend/strive) -> not contend with each other 彼此不一起(不齐心协力) -> 后引申为破坏; 仓皇失措(打乱计划)
考点: vt.使不安: to disturb the composure of
e.g. We were disconcerted by the unexpected changes to the program我们对项目未预料到的变化感到不安。
: abash, discomfit, disconcert, discountenance, mortify, rattle
: calm, compose, quiet, settle, soothe, tranquilize 平息抚慰
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